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Animasi Preloader Flash

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Membuat aplikasi atau animasi Flash yang ditujukan untuk disimpan di website, tidak sebebas membuat Flash untuk desktop (dari Harddisk atau CD). Masalahnya, kecepatan transfer datanya jauh berbeda kalau langsung baca di harddisk dibandingkan lewat jaringan internet (apalagi bagi para ‘fakir bandwith’ D ). Maka dari itu umumnya Flash yang ada di internet menggunakan tampilan awalnya tulisan loading…. Karena file swfnya harus diload dulu sama si browser, kalau buka website HTML kan diload juga ya? cuman karena isinya tulisan jadi loadingnya cepet (karena cuma sekian KiloByte), beda kan kalau isinya full gambar atau full flash?

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Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 – Chapter 4

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Introducing “2.5D”

Just because tweening in Flash is easy does not mean you can always rely on it for creating convincing animations. Don’t get me wrong: Tweening can be a great timesaver and can get the job done, as long as the job doesn’t require anything more than simple objects moving around the Stage.

But what if you could push the tweening method to give more realism to your character? What if you could harness its simplicity and make it work in ways not too many other Flash users have thought of? What if you have learned everything there is to know about tweening, go back to the first 10% of that knowledge, and take a left turn? Where would that take you?

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Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 – Chapter 3

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Cleaning Up Your Sketches

From sketch to Flash -- my trademark character Every good design usually starts with the time-tested pencil and paper. I’ve had some of my most creative moments during long and boring management seminars and sometimes a doodle on a cocktail napkin can be the inspiration for a great character. Fact is, you never know when or where you’ll be inspired, so keep a pencil in your back pocket or behind your ear at all times.

You can sketch in Flash using any of the tools I already discussed. If you have drawings on paper you’d like to use as the basis for a Flash character, you’ll need a scanner to scan and save them as graphics files. Most scanners come with software that will make this process easy. Some of the more widely used graphic formats that Flash can import are PNG, GIF, JPEG, TGA, and TIFF.

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Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 – Chapter 2

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Working with Symbols

Symbols are the very essence of what makes Flash … well, Flash. You can make anything you draw or import into a symbol. And in almost all cases you should. Here’s why. When an object is converted into a symbol, it automatically becomes an item in the Flash document’s library. Every Flash document has its own library from which you can drag a symbol to the Stage. When you do, the object on the Stage is now referred to as an instance. No matter how many instances of a symbol reside on the Stage, Flash only needs to load it once. This is how Flash delivers streaming animations while maintaining small file sizes. It’s extremely efficient to reuse symbols as many times as possible. You can also apply effects to instances such as Scale, Tint, Alpha, and Brightness, and apply motion tweens in combination with one or more effects.

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Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 – Chapter 1

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Drawing in Flash

Character created using the shape tools Macromedia Flash offers several drawing tools for creating cool characters and more. Each tool differs from the others and yields different stylistic results. Some tools create larger file sizes while other tools result in smaller files. As you become more familiar with these tools, you will learn to choose the tool that best suits the artistic style you want and any file size requirements you may have to abide by. It’s simply a trade-off between file size and download times and playback performance. In this section, I’ll take a look at each of the Flash drawing tools and discuss its pros and cons.

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Konsep Dasar Animasi

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Contoh karakter animasi

Menggerakkan benda secara utuh bukanlah animasi yang sebenarnya karena tiap orang dapat melakukannya. Animasi adalah tentang membawa hidup sebuah karakter, karakter yang dapat merasakan, berpikir, dan juga bertindak seperti halnya manusia. Maka akan membuat penonton yang melihatnya merasakan, berpikir, dan juga bertindak.

Pengertian Animasi

Banyak pengertian tentang arti kata animasi yang telah ada dan menimbulkan berbagai pandangan tentang arti kata tersebut. Namun dalam pembuatan film kartun disini kata animasi dideskripsikan sebagai proses membuat dan memainkan kembali serangkaian gambar diam atau statis untuk mendapatkan sebuah ilusi pergerakan secara terus menerus. Read More » Selengkapnya »

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