Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 – Chapter 2

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Working with Symbols

Symbols are the very essence of what makes Flash … well, Flash. You can make anything you draw or import into a symbol. And in almost all cases you should. Here’s why. When an object is converted into a symbol, it automatically becomes an item in the Flash document’s library. Every Flash document has its own library from which you can drag a symbol to the Stage. When you do, the object on the Stage is now referred to as an instance. No matter how many instances of a symbol reside on the Stage, Flash only needs to load it once. This is how Flash delivers streaming animations while maintaining small file sizes. It’s extremely efficient to reuse symbols as many times as possible. You can also apply effects to instances such as Scale, Tint, Alpha, and Brightness, and apply motion tweens in combination with one or more effects.

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Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 – Chapter 1

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Drawing in Flash

Character created using the shape tools Macromedia Flash offers several drawing tools for creating cool characters and more. Each tool differs from the others and yields different stylistic results. Some tools create larger file sizes while other tools result in smaller files. As you become more familiar with these tools, you will learn to choose the tool that best suits the artistic style you want and any file size requirements you may have to abide by. It’s simply a trade-off between file size and download times and playback performance. In this section, I’ll take a look at each of the Flash drawing tools and discuss its pros and cons.

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Konsep Dasar Animasi

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Contoh karakter animasi

Menggerakkan benda secara utuh bukanlah animasi yang sebenarnya karena tiap orang dapat melakukannya. Animasi adalah tentang membawa hidup sebuah karakter, karakter yang dapat merasakan, berpikir, dan juga bertindak seperti halnya manusia. Maka akan membuat penonton yang melihatnya merasakan, berpikir, dan juga bertindak.

Pengertian Animasi

Banyak pengertian tentang arti kata animasi yang telah ada dan menimbulkan berbagai pandangan tentang arti kata tersebut. Namun dalam pembuatan film kartun disini kata animasi dideskripsikan sebagai proses membuat dan memainkan kembali serangkaian gambar diam atau statis untuk mendapatkan sebuah ilusi pergerakan secara terus menerus. Read More » Selengkapnya »

Remote Administrator

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fast, secure, affordable. Free Trial.
Remote Administration merupakan suatu metode pengendalian suatu sistem komputer secara remote atau dengan kata lain dari jarak yang jauh. Salah satu aplikasi remote yang terkenal hingga saat ini adalah Radmin yang saat tulisan ini dibuat telah mencapai versi 3. Radmin (Remote Administrator) adalah sebuah aplikasi remote control dan remote access yang memudahkan anda untuk me-remote komputer secara real time seperti layaknya anda berhadapan dengan komputer menggunakan keyboard dan mouse komputer tersebut dan anda dapat mengaksesnya dari banyak tempat. Read More » Selengkapnya »

Setting Wireless

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Home networks are efficient and convenient, but the mess of wires and cables involved can hold you captive to a few locations in your home. Setting up a wireless network (similar to the one shown in Figure A) is easy and economical. Simply use these DYI tips and use your Windows Wireless Network Setup Wizard.
Figure A:

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Wireless Security Guide

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“Hu” or the “Human Element” refers to Cisco’s introduction into new age of information and communication through the internet and networking. This new age has brought forth many advantages and solutions to today’s communication needs. With the coming of revolution more and more people decide to go wireless because it is more convenient and “secure”, or so they think. Well there is no question about it being more convenient, but is it as secure as people claim it is? Read this guide about some of the holes in security of most networks and some easy steps that you can take to improve the security of the wireless connection in your home.

Say you have just bought your router along with your new computer that you are planning on using for your small home based business. You set everything up just as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tells you and think you are ready to go. In general ISPs just provide you with an internet service and are not suited to provide you with tech support for your Local Area Network (LAN). In some cases ISPs agree to provide tech support at an additional price per month and you have to use the routers they give you. These routers are not necessary, as you can purchase your own that would be just as, or even more secure. Read More » Selengkapnya »

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