Xaraya CMS

  Ditulis pada Oct 13, 2008 // Web Programming

Xaraya is an extensible, Open Source web application framework written in PHP and licensed under the GNU General Public License. Xaraya delivers the requisite infrastructure and tools to create custom web applications that include fully dynamic multi-platform Content Management Solutions (CMS).

Xaraya’s modular, database independent architecture introduces tools that separate form, function, content, and design with on-the-fly extensions allowing greater control and versatility.

In the simplest terms, Xaraya reduces web site development costs by introducing sophisticated administration tools & services which separate form, function, content, and design. With Xaraya, you work in a simple, structured environment to rapidly develop your website with diverse content, including out of the box, but customizable publications types and functionality.

The name Xaraya was selected by the development team after an internal contest. Submitted by Marty Vance (Dracos), Xaraya does not really mean anything. We were looking for a name which was both interesting and unique. Xaraya certainly fits the bill.

That said, Xaraya is reminiscent of raya, the Spanish word for Manta Ray. We rather like the nautical feel of that reference, particularly when one thinks of the Internet as an “ocean” of information. With this in mind, we developed the very first theme of our website, and followed up with a nautical theme for the second website revamp. We’ve moved on a little now with the current theme, but you can still spot the Manta!


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